What to drink when you are not drinking?

Whether you have given up alcohol for the foreseeable future, are a designated driver for the evening, dieting, pregnant, or would just like to have a night off from the booze, it can be disheartening if there are no interesting alcohol free (AF) alternatives on offer.

Luckily over the last couple of years AF drinks have become mainstream. The number of British teenagers’ drinking has fallen by 80% since 2002. The number of adults going teetotal has grown from 18.8% in 2005 to 20.4% last year. Due to this rise in people living an alcohol free lifestyle alcohol-free drinks are much more widely available.

There are now even online stores and sites that cater for those who are alcohol free. These sites offer a vast range of AF drinks from around the world. Take www.wisebartender.co.uk a family run online shop for non-alcoholic drinks for example. They have over 125 alcohol free alternatives, as well as a pop up bar service that you can hire for parties and events. Buyers can even earn loyalty points as they shop. Plus you can also use the code BinTheBooze for a 5% discount.

There is also https://thealcoholfreeco.co.uk/ another fantastic online store offering hundreds of AF alternatives including beers, wine and mocktails. Sites like this have made catering for those who are alcohol free much easier and more interesting. This means there is no excuse for only having sparkling water on offer for non-drinkers at parties.

As someone who was a big wine drinker I found only drinking the standard soft drinks such as coca cola, juices and sparkling water really difficult. They did not have the same affect as a crisp dry glass of wine or prosecco after a hard days work. I tried many supermarket AF alternatives and they just did not have the same effect. Over the last couple of months I have been introduced to some amazing wine alternatives that actually taste and look like the real thing. I no longer have to feel like i am missing out on my favorite tipple. Here are just a few of the amazing Alcohol free wines available.

The Bees Knees Sparkling wine- This is a really great alternative to Prosessco. Its dry crisp and amazing value for money. Perfect for Friday night drinks with the girls.

Nosecco – Another good Prosecco alternative is Nosecco. Slightly sweeter than the Bees Knees one and great served very chilled.

Scavi and Ray- This is my favorite AF Prosecco on the market. Its amazing, dry, crisp and refreshing. They even serve it in my favorite local restaurant (which is actually where i tried it for the first time)

Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon-  This self confessed world’s Best Dealcoholized Wine really is one of the better ones out there. Wine and cheese used to be one of my favorite indulgences when i was drinking. I’m so happy to now have found a wine that means I can still enjoy this.

For beer or larger drinkers there are now so many alcohol free alternatives on the market. Even smaller brewery’s are offering alcohol free alternatives for non drinkers. I do not drink beer or larger myself but my partner has been trying some out and has found some really great ones. Here are a couple of his favorites.

St. Peter’s Without®, Alcohol Free Beer 0.00 ABV (8 x 500ml)

There are also some amazing mixed cases available. You can try out a lot of different brands and see which one works for you.

Beer Hawk Alcohol Free Craft Beer Selection – 15 Beer Mixed Case Non Alcoholic Beer Gift Set

If you are someone who drinks or used to drink spirits then you are in luck. 
The number of non-alcoholic spirits is growing. There are now tons of alcohol free spirits available to buy. Not only are many of them free from alcohol. Most of them contain far less calories, meaning they are great for those looking to lose weight as much as looking to lose the hangover. I have included some of the best ones available below so you can easily find a replacement for your usual gin and tonic.

Having a non -alcoholic cocktail can be great for those who don’t want to drink alcohol but would like to try something different. I have recently been trying out lots of different recipes at home which has been really interesting and fun. These books may help inspire you to get creative and bring out your inner mixologist. I have also found that most bar tenders are also often more than happy to whip up alcohol free cocktails if you ask nicely.

I hope that this helps you to try out some new drinks and maybe you will find something to replace your after work wine, beer, spirit or prosecco!

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