The importance of ‘Me time’

Most of us know that self-care is essential for personal growth and overall happiness, but what actually is self care? Exercise, eating well, getting 8 hours sleep a night and drinking 8 glasses of water a day? While these are all important for our overall well being it is also important to make some time to simply be with yourself. Time to relax, rest and recharge your batteries.

Time alone helps us to unwind, reboot our brains, improves our concentration and gives us some space for self discovery. It also allows time for deep thinking and problem solving which makes us much more productive in our day to day lives.

I have always struggled with being alone. Back when I was drinking I could not even have a night alone without grabbing a bottle of wine and phoning everyone in my phone book. I still struggle to watch a movie without scrolling through social media. I find it impossible to switch off.

When i gave up drinking I realised that i didn’t really know who I was. Sure I was 31 years old, lived in London, had a passion for fashion and beauty and liked to cook but that was about it. That was all i knew. Now that I am sober I have started to make time to reconnect with myself. Find out who I really am, what I enjoy doing and connect with my feelings.

I am terrible at this aspect of self care. I am trying to make sure I have a little bit of me time each day. I treat ‘me’ time as if I was going to a meeting or to see a friend and give myself half an hour a day to just be with myself. In that time ill light some candles, run a bath, slap on a face mask and sit back and relax whist listening to some calming music. Moby is my favourite for this.

‘Me time’ can be doing anything you enjoy on your own without any distractions. Whether it be having a bath, taking a walk in the park, reading a book or magazine, getting crafty or having a little pamper. Turn off your mobile and make sure you are MIA for at least half an hour a day.

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