Start the day with lemon water

Our bodies are exposed to lots many environmental toxins from the food we eat to what we put on our skin, even the air that we breath is polluted sending our bodies in to toxic overdrive. During the night our body works extremely hard to heal, restore and re-balance the body. One  very simple thing you can do to help revitalise the body is to drink one cup of warm water and lemon every morning.  Here are just a few of the reasons why you should be staring your day with lemon water.

Boots your immune system- Lemons are extremely high in vitamin C, which increases the  production of white blood cells. Those white blood cells protect the body from  bacteria and viruses. Vitamin C may also keep existing immune cells healthier.

Balances the body’s PH level – While lemon juice is acidic outside of the body, it has an alkalising effect once metabolised. That means that drinking lemon water can raise the pH of your body, promoting healthy cell function and discouraging bacteria and viruses.

Aids digestion- Lemon water helps to relive symptoms of indigestion like burping, bloating and heartburn.

Clears your skin and leaves you glowing – Lemon is rich in vitamin C  which is great for decreasing wrinkles and blemishes. Lemon water also helps to remove toxins from the blood which will also help to keep the skin clear and glowing.

Detoxifies the liver- Lemon water acts as a fantastic liver cleanser by assisting the detoxification process. It stimulates the liver and  encourages the production of bile and acid which the body needs for digestion.

Aids weight loss- Lemon water contains pectin will help to keep those hunger pangs at bay

Good for your heart- The vitamin C that you get from drinking lemon water may reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Freshens breath- Not only does lemon water leave you with fresher breath it can also help to relive gingivitis and tooth pain.

Good for your brain– lemons are high in potassium which stimulates brain and nerve function. Just one lemon contains over 80 milligrams of this incredible mineral.

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