Spring time beauty essentials

Winter is finally over, the sun has started to shine, the mornings are lighter and the days are longer. Spring has now sprung. It is now the time to
start prepping your complexion for the upcoming (and highly welcomed) rising temperatures and (fingers crossed) blazing sunshine. Change up your skincare routine and let your skin breath with lighter formulas whist still protecting your skin from the elements. Here are just a few of the changes that you may wish to make to your skincare regime.

Add an SPF – After months spent bundled up in polo necks, beanies and wool coats sun protection is a must. Our skin will need extra protection from sun exposure. During springtime our skin is at a high risk from sunburn and sun damage. The weather is mild so many of us do not realise just how strong the sun is. I tend to wear SPF 25 throughout the year and increase this to SPF 50 during the warmer months. These fantastic creams are really great for using during the spring time as they contain an SPF without over clogging pores:

SPF in foundation too- There are so many incredible foundations and tinted moisturisers out there that also contain SPF to give you even more protection.

Eye cream – Because the sun’s more prominent in the spring meaning it is a hell of a lot brighter, people are more prone to squinting, because of this
fine lines and wrinkles that can form around the eyes. It is really important that you use an eye cream packed with antioxidants and peptides to protect the defalcate skin around the eyes. Here are some of my favorites:

Hydrating facial mist – A refreshing face mist that contains antioxidants is great way to instantly hydrate and refresh parched skin. They also help to attract and trap moisture into the skin when used before applying your usual hydrating creams and serums. I love to keep one in my bag for an instant refresh throughout the day.

Face wash- It is important to make sure that you thou roughly cleanse your skin morning and night to stop the build up of dirt and prevent clogging the pores. A face-wash that is free from sulfates and Parabins will be kind and gentle on delicate skin. These washes are great for removing impurities whist leaving skin soft and supple:

Lip-balm- Sun exposure can cause your lips to dry out. Make sure they are well protected to prevent them from getting dry and flaky.

Waterproof mascara- Waterproof mascara is the best trick in springtime to stop you from getting terrible panda eyes. The last thing you want to worry about during the warmer days is runny mascara.

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