Seedlip + Daylesford Cocktail Making Masterclass

Last week my partner and I took part in a cocktail making masterclass at our local recently opened Daylesford store in Brompton Cross.

Having been alcohol free for over 8 months, I have experimented making various mocktails and was interested in discovering some new recipes that I would be able to try at home.

I decided it would be really fun for my partner and I to take a cocktail making class together . He was also doing dry January so it could also be interesting for him as well. I had been googling alcohol free cocktails classes and came across this one in partnership with Seedlip, and it just so happened to be at one of my favourite local deli’s, Win Win!. The class was ¬£30 and would include a bottle of Seedlip and a Jar of Daylesford very seasonal organic Seville orange marmalade.

We arrived at the store dead on time ready to begin the class which took place upstairs in the cafe bar area of the store. A young gentleman named Sam greeted us with a huge smile and showed us to our work station which was laid out beautifully.

To kick start the class Sam offered us a Seedlip and tonic over ice. We were able to choose from their three varieties so I decided to give Grove 42 a go. Grove 42 Is a citrus zesty botanical blend made with citrus, ginger and lemon grass. It was delicious; crisp, refreshing and not at all over powering. My partner opted to try the Spice 94 blend of Aromatic Jamaican all spice, berry and Cardamon which was also lovely to drink.

We were then taken through the brand story which was fascinating. The passion from Sam as he was telling us all about the brands history and the stories of the suppliers they use was wonderful to see. He truly believed in the brands ethos and you could tell that he was very proud to work for such a unique company.

The cocktail making began with a Marmalade cocktail that enabled us to use Daylesford Seville marmalade. Seville oranges are at there best and in season during January so this was perfect. The cocktail was easy to make and we had a lot of fun along the way. I was surprised at just how yummy this cocktail was. I was hesitant as I had never heard of using marmalade in drinks before but it was exquisite. One of the best I have ever tried, this will be making an appearance at all of my parties this year. I am sure I will be showing off for my friends by making this cocktail..

50ml Seedlip Grove 42
1 Tsp Seville Orange Marmalade or Rhubarb and Ginger Marmalade. 
50ml Organic Apple Juice

Shake over Ice and Strain in to Martini Glass.

Woops I took a huge sip before managing to take a pic!

Next up was another Marmalade cocktail. Very similar to this one only using a Rhubarb and Ginger marmalade. This one was also delicious, the ginger gave it a real kick.

For our final cocktail we had a go at making an Espresso MartiNo, seedlips answer to the extremely popular Espresso Martini. It was divine!! Sweet but not too sweet, creamy but not sickly and packed with flavor.

50ml Seedlip Spice 94 
50ml Coldbrew coffee
15ml Sugar Syrup

Shake over Ice and Strain in to Martini Glass.

We had such a wonderful evening and learnt so much about Seedlip and also about the world of alcohol free drinks. I am so excited to try out some more cocktails at home from my Seedlip cocktail recipe book. If you are looking for an interesting, fun evening that doesn’t involve alcohol then I strongly suggest you give one of Seedlip’s cocktail masterclasses a go.

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