Reasons to love Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates is an exercise class that is done using Pilates reformer machines. It is usually more dynamic and intense than your usual matt based Pilates class. The springs on the reformer Pilates machines add resistance to the Pilates exercises. I started to take reformer Pilates classes three times a week about a month ago. I have been blown away by the results. In just a few weeks my body feels leaner than ever before. Here are just some of the reasons to give reformer Pilates a go.

Quick results – With reformer Pilates you see the results quickly. In just a couple of weeks I felt firmer, stronger and my muscles were more defined. Seeing the results so quickly is a great motivator and makes you want to go again and again.

Long and Lean body- The full range and controlled motions in reformer Pilates create a long and lean figure.

It boosts your metabolism- Pilates increases muscle mass which boosts your metabolism helping you to burn off fat quicker.

Reduce stress- Reformer Pilates creates a great escape from your everyday stresses plus you get that endorphin buzz from the exercise.

Perfect posture- Reformer Pilates is a great exercise to develop strength and correct your posture in the key areas of your body such as the hips, back and neck, counteracting the act of slouching behind your laptop.

Improves Flexibility – Reformer Pilates classes consist of deep stretches that will increase your flexibility and allow you to move more smoothly.

Rock solid core- The movements in Pilates are great for developing your core strength and defining your abdominal muscles. My abs are now the most toned they have ever been.

Easy on your joints- The low impact exercise in reformer Pilates are easy on joints making it the perfect exercise for those with injury’s.

Body awareness- Controlled movements, balance, breath work and concentration are all important aspects of reformer Pilates meaning that you are connecting with your body on a deeper level.

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