Meet Anne


My name is Anne. I am a lifestyle and wellness blogger who writes about beauty products I can’t live without, my favourite places to travel and delicious healthy meals I like to cook. I also share with you my experiences with giving up alcohol, how I did this, and the ways in which it has improved my life. My blog is aimed at helping people live a healthy, fun and glamorous lifestyle without feeling the pressure of having to drink alcohol in order to do so.

I was born and raised in the West Country in a small village, spending most of my time working in the local shop by day and then working in the village pub by night. As you can imagine life got pretty boring, I saw the same faces every day and I never felt fulfilled. I lived, worked and went out in the same village; surely there was more to life than this? I thought I was happy; however I found myself drinking a couple of bottles of wine a day out of boredom as I felt my life was not at all exciting. In 2011 I decided to leave the life I knew behind and take a chance with a move to London. It wasn’t easy, but with a little bit of luck and a lot of determination I have been fortunate enough to form a career in the fashion and beauty industry and have gone on to work for some of the leading luxury brands.

In April 2018 I realised I wasn't entirely happy and although I was satisfied with my career and relationship something in my life was holding me back and making me feel depressed. I discovered that it was in fact my relationship with alcohol that was making me feel this way and decided it was time to bin the booze for good.

Since giving up alcohol my lifestyle has completely changed. I am now living my life to the full, experiencing new things and having more fun. I am also much healthier, happier and richer than ever before.

I am passionate about travelling and I love to visit amazing places and experience magical moments. Throughout this blog I will share with you my traveling stories, lifestyle and beauty tips, and the brilliant impact going sober has had on my life so far.

I hope you enjoy my blog.

With Love


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