Alcohol Free Living

In May 2018 I decided to bin the booze for good. It has been an incredible journey so far and I have learnt a great deal along the way. Here I will share with you my experiences with giving up alcohol and the main reasons why i choose to do this. I will provide an insight into how I managed to stop drinking and explain the ways in which it has

Deciding to bin the booze

Seedlip + Daylesford Cocktail Making

Turning my back on binge drinking

10 things that happen when you become teetotal

What to drink when you are not drinking. 

Sober Library



Thinking of giving up alcohol? 

JOMO- Joy of missing out 


The wonders of alcohol free living 

Early days of alcohol free living

Discovering who I am without alcohol.


What I have learnt since binning the booze.

The harsh realities of binning the booze

Guest Blog - We Love Lucid 

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